IPL for Dry Eyes

Dedicated to the treatment of eye dryness in its evaporative form resulting from meibomian gland dysfunction. E-Eye IRPL technology is non-invasive, painless and does not harm the eye.

How does IPL treat dry eye?

The IRPL technology delivered by the E-Eye device has a neuro-stimulatory effect on the parasympathetic nerve which is located in the zygomatic and bulborbital area that supplies the Meibomian glands. This has the effect of improving glandular secretions, stabilising the tear-film and possibly regenerating the Meibomian glands.

Does IPL for dry eye work?

Prospective , double-masked, parallel-group, randomised, placebo controlled trials have shown significant decreases in symptomology scores and meibomian gland capping as well as increase lipid layer thickness. There are a number of research papers available showing the value of IPL in the treatment of evaporative dry eye.

How long does IPL dry eye treatment take?

An E-Eye treatment session takes 30 minutes with the treatment itself taking a few minutes. You will be comfortably seated on the chair and given metal eye protectors to wear. An optical gel will be applied to your cheeks and temples. A series of flashes are then applied around your eye and then repeated around your other eye.

How can IPL damage eyes?

E-Eye intense pulsed light therapy is safe when used by your eye care professional. The eye protectors ere designed to shield your eyes and protect them. E-Eye IRPL is delivering its benefits to your eye lids. This treatment uses an intense light that can damage your eyesight if not used correctly. Premises utilising these types of therapies require special treatment licences in order to provide these therapies. You safety is our primary concern. You will be consented for the treatment after being assessed to be suitable for this therapy.