OcuPlan in Brentford

We have partnered with OcuPlan in Brentford to provide patients with long term eye disease with accessible and affordable eyecare.

What eye conditions is this suitable for?

OcuPlan is designed for long term eye conditions:

Macular degeneration


Ocular hypertension


Ocuplan helps to minimise the risk of sight loss for patients with long-term eye conditions.

Peace of mind

Save up to 50% on private care

No long waiting times

Always see the same Consultant

Tailored care plan

FREE Emergency appointment if you notice a sudden change in your vision

It is clinically advised that patients living with long-term eye conditions are seen once a year by an Ophthalmologist. With Ocuplan, patients are guaranteed to be seen at least once every 12 months with no delays or cancellations.

To request an OcuPlan appointment fill in the appointment request form selecting OcuPlan or chat to us on Whatsapp.

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