Macushield Original 4×30


Macushield Original 4 month delivery pack
4×30 capsules

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Macushield Original 4 month delivery pack
4×30 capsules

Macushield is a food supplement containing the anti-oxidant carotenoids; Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Meso-zeaxanthin.
Helps maintain macula health by protecting against oxidative damage.
Developed and tested by international experts in eye health.
The Meso- Zeaxanthin in MacuShield is extracted from marigolds. These marigolds are grown specifically for the production of this ingredient.
MacuShield® exclusively contains the three macula carotenoids : lutein, zeaxanthin and meso– zeaxanthin in a once a day, easy to take, food supplement.

Scientists have long known that the yellow colour, or pigment, at the macula comes from the carotenoids lutein, zeaxanthin, and meso-zaexanhin. These plant compounds which are antioxidants neutralise free radicals originating from smoking, pollution, fried foods and most importantly blue light and oxidative stress. Furthermore, they help protect the eye by absorbing damaging blue light which is present in sunlight, car headlights and television screens, amongst other sources.

As blue light is part of normal vision, and oxygen use is required for life, free radical damage is the cost of living, and is therefore unavoidable. The unique MacuShield® formula combines powerful antioxidants that help shield the macula against potential free radical and blue light damage.

Society’s attitude to health and fitness has changed dramatically in recent years and we are now, more than ever, aware of the need to maintain our health for as long as possible. We recognise the importance of eating a varied and balanced diet in conjunction with frequent exercise. However, this is not always possible due to our hectic lifestyles. Increased awareness of potential risk factors may alleviate complications as we age.

New scientific research, published in one of the top peer-reviewed eye journals (Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science), has shown that a supplement containing the three macular carotenoids  meso-zeaxanthin, lutein and zeaxanthin, can uniquely enrich an individuals protective maculer pigments . Importantly, this is the first published scientific study to test and confirm the safety of consuming all three macular carotenoids.

Meso-zeaxanthin is part of a family of substances called carotenoids. Meso-zeaxanthin is located at the centre of the macula where vision is sharpest. Research has shown that meso-zeaxanthin is generated at the retina from lutein, however scientists believe that some individuals are unable to perform this conversion. Meso-zeaxanthin has been identified in certain foods including salmon, trout and shrimp. In fact, a recent study from the US has shown that the antioxidants potential of maculer pigments is enhanced when meso-zeaxanthin is present.

Lutein and zeaxanthin are entirely of dietary origin, found in leafy green vegetables such as spinach and kale and fruits such as oranges and bananas. Lutein and zeaxanthin are also effective antioxidants which neutralise free radicals and filter harmful blue light. An average western diet contains 1.3-3mg per day of lutein and zeaxanthin combined (Loane  et al., 2008). This is considerably less than the amount needed to protect against free radical and blue light damage.

This one a day supplement combines the three macular carotenoids, including patented Meso – Zeaxanthin. Scientific research shows that the yellow colour, or pigment, in the macula comes from the carotenoids, Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Meso-Zeaxanthin.

Meso – Zeaxanthin is only found in one place in the macula, in the back of the eye.

Other sources of Meso-Zeaxanthin are certain types of sea food in limited quantities.


Take one soft-gel capsule daily, preferably with a meal. Do not exceed stated dose.


Pregnant or lactating women should consult a doctor before using this product.
Food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet or a healthy lifestyle.
Do not exceed stated dose.
Tamper resistant pack-do not use if foil is broken.
Keep out of reach of children.


Each soft gel capsule contains
Meso- Zeaxanthin 10mg
Lutein – 10mg
Zeaxanthin – 2mg
Sunflower Seed Oil, Capsule Shell (Bovine Gelatin, Glycerol, Colour: Iron Oxide) Marigold Extract, Beeswax.