Melanin Sunglasses for Albinism in London

Melanin Sunglasses for Albinism in London. Albinism is an inherited condition in which the production of melanin is affected. This means that the skin, hair and eyes lack the pigment melanin that protects the body from sun damage.

In the eyes, the lack of melanin has more profound affects than just the lack of protection. For light to be focused properly on the retina, stray light needs to be absorbed as it enters the eyes. Melanin is responsible for absorbing this stray light and so the lack of it causes too much glare to give a good sharp image.

Compared to other forms or UV protection, melanin lenses are the only type that block 100% of UVA, UVB and and 97% of violet/blue light (High Energy Visible)

Melanin Sunglasses for Albinism in London

If you are looking for melanin sunglasses for albinism in London, we stock TAVAT ophthalmic and  sunglasses. These come with the option of prescription glasses with melanin clip-on lenses or prescription lenses.

The clip-on option is great as indoors you have clear lenses to look through and outdoor the clip-on gives you the protection you need. Using them with computer screens is also useful.

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You can view the full range of TAVAT eyewear on their website.

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