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Contact Lenses for Swimming

Contact lenses for swimming can be risky. Your soft contact lenses are made of a percentage of water ranging from 40-70 percent depending on the type. This means that they need to remain hydrated to stay soft, maintain their shape and function. The tears in your eyes contribute to this […]

How to Stop Short Sightedness Getting Worse

How to stop short sightedness getting worse? Childhood myopia treatment is being looked at more and more closely by parents. The rate of childhood myopia is increasing to epidemic levels in some countries and researchers are working hard to look for solutions. There have been a number of ideas over […]

Melanin Sunglasses for Albinism in London

Melanin Sunglasses for Albinism in London. Albinism is an inherited condition in which the production of melanin is affected. This means that the skin, hair and eyes lack the pigment melanin that protects the body from sun damage. In the eyes, the lack of melanin has more profound affects than […]