Hycosan Plus 2×7.5ml


Preservative free eye drops recommended to aid the natural healing of a damaged surface of the eye due to surgical procedures, eye injury or dry eyes.



For regeneration and maintenance of healthy eyes ocular surface- cornea and conjunctiva- has to be continuously wet. Ideally this is provided by tears. However,  it may happen that there are not enough tears or their composition is disturbed. Then the eye react with redness, itching, foreign body or burning sensation, or rapid tiredness. These symptoms of an inadequate supply of physiologic tears may occur in dry-conditioned environment, as well as a results of a medical treatment or- purely- due to age.

The epithelial cells of the cornea and conjunctiva are continuously restored and this process runs best in a humid environment. Therefore it ia also important  that after surgical procedures the ocular surface is sufficiently lubricated so that the wound healing proceeds quickly and well.
In all this cases it is reasonable to apply intensive humidity to the eye by applying Hycosan Plus++in order to renew the physiologic balance of lubrication and moisturisation of the eye.

Hycosan Plus++ contains the sodium salt of hyaluronic  acid which is a physiologic substance of the eye but also of the other parts of the body. Sodium hyaluronate has the special property to form an even and long lasting lubricating film on the surface of the eye without being rinsed away quickly. With it the moisturising effect is prolonged without impairing vision. Therefore Hycosan Plus ++ can be used without problems during the day when eye ointments should not be used because of their greasy consistency which causes blurred vision.

Additionally Hycosan Plus++ contains dexapnhenol which belongs to the big group of B vitamins.
Whit this component (dexapanhenol) the eye’s need for intensive regeneration is covered, and the lubricating properties of sodium hyaluronate are given additional support. Furthermore, Dexpanthenol supports wound healing. Consequently small superficial erosions of the ocular surface caused by an insufficient tear film heal faster as well as wounds which are the inevitable result of surgical procedure.
With it Hycosan Plus++ ensures not only sufficient supply of humidity to the eye gut at the same time provides an improved regeneration of the corneal and conjunctival epithelia.


Please do not use Hycosan Plus++ if any part of the protective seal on the folding carton is broken or damaged before using for the first time.

If you use any other drops there should be at least 30 minutes between the applications and Hycosan Plus++ should always be used last. Eye ointments, however, always be administered after using Hycosan Plus++.

Because it is a preservative- free, Hycosan Plus++ is well tolerated even when used over a longer period time. In very rare cases hypersensitive reactions like burning or excessive tearing have been reported which stopped immediately when the use of Hycosan Pluss++ was discontinued.

If you are a contact lens wearer and you experience such a reaction, please check to see if there has been any change in your contact lens solution, as this may be cause of the reaction.

Hycosan Plus++may be used while wearing hard and soft contact lenses.

There are no restrictions for the use of Hycosan Plus++ in children or pregnant  and breast feeding women.

Hycosan Plus ++  should be used according to the instructions given by your doctor, pharmacist or optician. Generally you instil one drop of Hycosan Plus++  three times a day into each eye. If necessary it can be used more frequently. If you use Hycosan Plus++more frequently ( e.g. more than 10 times per day) please consult your ophthalmologist/optician. Hycosan Plus++ is suitable for long term treatment. As with all complaints you should consult your eye specialist when symptoms persist. 

Hycosan Plus++ should be not used if you are oversensitive to one of the ingredients.


1 mg/ml sodium hyaluronate
20 mg/ml dexpanthenol