Can Myopia Be Cured in Childhood

Parents often ask “can myopia be cured in children” and the answer for now is no. However, if caught early , there are actions that can slow down or stop the myopia getting worse.

Childhood myopia or shortsightedness is become increasingly common. To raise awareness of this issue and to provide solutions we have signed up to the myopia care protocol. The calculator below gives you an indicator of the risk your child is at from myopia and its associated effects later in life. Contact us for more information.

Child myopia treatment

MiYOSMART glasses lenses are a single vision lens that will enable clear vision in the same way as a conventional spectacle lens. However, MiYOSMART lenses use a cutting edge technology called D.I.M.S., which means that on the lens surface there is a “treatment zone” that consists of hundreds of small lenslets that provide additional correction. It is this additional correction that aims to impact on the progression level of myopia. Whilst the lenses are being worn your child will see clearly but also the natural growth of their eyes (and therefore the level of their myopia) will be being managed by the D.I.M.S technology.

OrthoK for child myopia

The theory and technology to do this has been around for decades and is well tested. Only in recent years has there been a resurgence due to its effective use in childhood myopia management. It is considered very safe for children, especially if your child is at risk of developing risk factors associated with myopia or shortsightedness.

How to prevent myopia from worsening

Taking children for regular eye examinations should be the number one priority as it is only with an examination that changes can be picked up. By in large younger kids do not know if their eyesight is worsening unless very blurred already.

There are two big factors that have been shown in research to be factors in myopia get worse and these are outdoor time and close work. Natural light is essential for your childs eye development.

Childhood Myopia Risk Calculator